Thursday, 24 April 2014

21 Things About Me #7

List 7 Wishes

  1. I wish I had a personal chef to prepare meals for me
  2. I wish I had a paid off house so that I could afford a new car
  3. I wish I knew what happened to Boomie when he disappeared all those years ago
  4. I wish my parents could be financially sound & not have to worry so much at their age
  5. I wish I had not put off replying to Glen's last sms before he died
  6. I wish I would meet the person I am destined to be with (or have I already met?) - it gets lonely sometimes
  7. I wish I had excess money at the end of the month to buy frivolous things like this awesome cushion cover Claudz showed me over at Hello Pretty

    Printed Crown baby/travel Pillowcase


Monday, 14 April 2014

21 Things About Me #6

List FIVE things that make you happy

  1. Giving a well-thought out gift to somebody & they genuinely love it
  2. Kittens (or any other baby animal for that matter) & of course my grown up kitty Squeaky
  3. Coffee in bed
  4. Music that moves my soul. Beautifully written words accompanied by the perfect music and voice - nothing can beat that. (Mirrors - Justin Timberlake, You & I- One Direction, Running Away - Eden, Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake, All of Me, John Legend)
  5. Flirting - its a thrill!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

21 Things about Me # 4 / Twenty Wishes for 2014

List FOUR goals you plan to accomplish in the future
I am actually not much of a planner - never have been. This list really is difficult & I cannot come up with 4 goals.
Most of my goals such as -  own a home, see One Direction live, take mom overseas for the first time - have been/are being realised.

So with that I will give you 1 goal:
  1. Take my dad for an overseas holiday - probably to see the Rugby Sevens tournament somewhere awesome like Hong Kong.
    The bonding time with my mom in the UK is going to be amazing. I need the same with my dad. With all his health scares, I want to be able to do this with him before it is too late. Dad and I used to go on road trips to Cape Town and discuss all sorts of things on the 11 hour drive. We have not done this for a very long time.
The rest are all wishes & seeing as I have not yet posted my Twenty Wishes for 2014 ( I compiled it in January, but never blogged it) - here they are:
  1. Buy a really pretty dress - Similar to a LBD - in case I ever need an outfit 
  2. Try Pilates
  3. Host more dinner parties/luncheons
  4. Learn to cook more recipes
  5. Eat More fruit
  6. Go to a movie by myself
  7. Kiss a stranger
  8. Take more photos & complete my Project 365 challenge
  9. Fix my dry feet
  10. Do another spontaneous thing (2013: Bought 1D tickets)
  11. Have High Tea in London
  12. Fall in Love
  13. Buy a nice fitting blazer
  14. Read a great book
  15. Watch a classic movie 
  16. Drink more water 
  17. Get my weight below 70kg 
  18. Tone my stomach
  19. Work less 
  20. Be a happier person


Wednesday, 2 April 2014